echoes Pre-Sale


Album Presale

Pre-sales include:

  • A signed CD
  • Digital download of the album
  • Behind-the-scenes audio and video
  • Special Thanks in the album liner notes and on the Perfect Enemy Records website

Additional contributions help to make the album even better, and entitle you to a collection of surprise bonus tracks and Silver/Gold/Platinum Level Donor recognition in the liner notes and on the website!


Purchase a pre-sale copy of Volume 1 of the art songs of Dennis Tobenski.


echoes (six songs on poetry by Mark Statman)
Go, Little Poem (six poems on poetry by Billy Collins)
To a Western Boy (poem by Walt Whitman)
To High Spirits (poem by Kenneth Koch)
Lullaby for a Young Road (poem by Jorn Ake)
meditation (poem by Mark Statman)
This Glass (poem by Richard Barnfield)


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